My 2016 Archeology Tour of Cyprus

A visit to Various Archaeology sites in South and North Cyprus

Head of Achilles

As a continuation from my Crete archeology tour in 2015 I decided to join a tour with
a focus on Cyprus. With the recent relaxation of the stringent restrictions in travel
between south Cyprus (Greek dominated) and north Cyprus (Turkish dominated),
Hidden History - Travel and Archeology organised a week-long tour covering a
variety of archeology and history sites. These dated from early Neolithic (circa 7000 BC)
to the Venetian period (1489-1571 AD). Of particular interest to me was to try to
understand aspects of the cultural and commercal connections between Minoan and
Mycenean Crete and Greece, on the one hand, and Cyprus before the Archaic
and Classical Periods (circa 700-330 BC), on the other hand.

The tour covered 3 full days in the south part of the island, another full day in Nicosia then
crossing the 'Green Line' to explore Kyrenia in the north. Our final 2 full days were
spent exploring a variety of sites and locations in the north ranging from Roman
sites to those of Medieval interest. In addition, two of us from the tour group
privately explored one extra site each in the south and the north parts of the island.

After arrival at Larnaca airport and we transferred to our first hotel in Limassol.
The first day of tour started early with a visit to the Neolithic site of Khirokitia.

Head of Achilles mosaic, Kourion

Interactive Cyprus Map showing sites visited

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to the Khirokitia Neolithic Village

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